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About Us

London Gold is an Oakville-based jewellery store with 40 years of knowledge and experience to serve you. Our loyal customers seek us out for the knowledge, value, and dependability that we offer them.

Our store fulfills a large amount of services, from jewellery appraisals, repairs, and custom designs, to buying and selling jewellery. Come by and see our selection of new jewellery manufactured pieces, and our refinished estate jewellery.


London Gold, the little jewellery store in Oakville.

We have customers that come in and ask us for an emerald, or a sapphire. In most cases the people asking us are not aware of the fact that emeralds come from a variety of locations around the world, all with unique clarity, colour, and inclusions which differentiate them from each area. In some cases an emerald from one location may look like an emerald from another location with a cost variance of thousands of dollars. Blue sapphire, which is a very popular stone, also comes from many different locations. Ceylon sapphires are a different colour (blue) than sapphires of Australian origin (which would be darker in colour and usually with far less luster).

Call us with your questions and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions and explain to you why sometimes a gem looks like another gem and yet there's a vast price discrepancy.

London Gold, your knowledge source.

Please contact us for details about our Accessible Customer Service Policy.